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Michael Jen began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 1991 and holds the rank of Second Degree Black Belt which he received from 6th Degree Black Belt Joe Moreira. Michael is known for presenting his material in a systematic fashion which allows students to retain and apply new techniques very quickly! This instructional series is organized in such a way to give students at all skill levels an overall understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Not only does it show how to apply techniques, but more importantly why and when! This series is always among the best reviewed and have NEVER been available for such a low price!
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Michael Jen's Instructional DVD's are routinely among the best reviewed instructional DVD's in the industry. A Second Degree BJJ black belt, Michael Jen has earned the reputation of being one of the best instructors when it comes to conveying the techniques, concepts, details, and intricacies of this grappling art. His instructional videos present information in a clear logical manner and provides a clear path for students to progress. Whether you train striking arts, such as karate or kickboxing and just want to add some jiu-jitsu into your game, or are a season grappler in arts such as BJJ, wrestling, sambo or judo, Michael Jen's DVD's are a "must have".

"As a producer of grappling instructionals myself I don't think that you can find better material than the Jen pin escapes series."
- Stephan Kesting, www.grapplearts.com

"For DVDs, I'd recommend checking out Michael Jen's stuff. He's got the best BJJ instructionals I've seen, and they're a great value!"
-Shawn Church

"He doesn't just show specific techniques, but also explains common principles that can be applied to many techniques. He also explains and demonstrates WHY these principles hold true. He never makes any assertion like "lean this way" or "put your hand here" without demonstrating why. This is very important. Many instructors will tell you "always do this" or "never do that", but they don't explain why. It is crucial for your understanding of jiu-jitsu to know WHY you do things."
- Andrew Yao

"Mike Jen's tapes are the best Guard pass tapes out there."
- Bill Cogswell

"I just received and watched [Jen]'s Butterfly Guard Tapes. As with all his tapes the instruction is great. [Jen] covers sweeps, counters, submissions, transition to, etc., worth every cent. Unlike other tapes I've seen who's contents doesn't live up to the hype, [Jen]'s tapes have no hype but great content."
- Stuart Igarta